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Weipa Mapoon Rd Crossing ITS

Worley Parsons Australia (WPA)

Cica Group delivered a pre-feasibility ITS study on the Weipa Mapoon Rd Crossing for Rio Tinto. The project was listed for consideration in future capital expenditure budgeting.

Mapoon Road connects Weipa with Mapoon. The Mapoon Road crosses the Kili haul Road near Andoom Plant. Traffic at the crossing is controlled with a single boom installed on each side of the Mapoon Road. Several near-miss incidents had been reported where motorists had missed collisions with haul trucks when bypassing the closed boom. Several incidents have been reported where infrastructure (light and traffic poles) have been damaged by motorists. The existing signalised intersections are generally found to be quite problematic due to:

  • Vehicle incidents occurring at existing haul road crossings, specifically related to public vehicles.
  • Unreliability of signals operations especially in the wet, due to dust and damage caused by lightning strikes, resulting in delays for the haul fleet.
  • Required reduction in haul truck speed to 40km at intersections.
  • Extensive maintenance required to the crossings.

The existing crossings and related behaviour of passing motorists as well as haul trucks meant that the solution had to recognise those behaviours, avoiding any changes that would cause further disruption and escalate risks at the crossing site.

In addition, the extreme external environmental conditions meant that the technology solution had to be robust and capable of remote maintenance.


Cica Group developed a PFS Options Study Report to the client, which addressed the following:

  • Options Definition
  • Schedules
  • Cost Estimates
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Risk Register and Description of Highest Risks and Controls
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
  • Evaluation

This Options Study Report along with the MCDA were provided as deliverables and accompanied the overall pre-feasibility plan, wherein Cica Group described the development of options, schedules, cost estimate and concept drawings relevant to ITS solutions.


Cica Group successfully delivered the PFS for consideration in future capital expenditure for the site.

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