In complex time critical projects, knowledge and ideas are not always enough — clients benefit from support that has operational experience to lead, assist and mentor their people and ensure delivery on time and within agreed budgets.

Ian Thomson

Director / Principal Consultant

Ian Thomson is highly regarded for his specialisation in procurement, contract management, and delivery of complex electronic systems, including command and control systems, decision support systems, control and monitoring systems and tolling systems.

Ian has strong leadership skills, holding numerous management roles throughout his 40 year career . He is an expert in the strategic planning and development of projects, tendering, contract formation and negotiation, contract administration and management, and contract claims and disputes.

Ian also has extensive experience as a project manager/project director and an advisor on both commercial and contractual matters. Ian’s career has spanned across defence industry, transport infrastructure, information systems, and communications/electronics sectors.

Known for his deep knowledge and management skills, Ian is a highly motivated leader in the industry.

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