RMS TSUP Project Management

NSW Roads Maritime Services

Project Management, commercial management and technical services on RMS’s Tolling Systems Upgrade Program including:

  1. Design and delivery of the Trip Reconstruction and Rating Module.
  2. Procurement, design and implementation of the replacement tolling roadside system for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel.
  3. Procurement, design and delivery of the modifications and enhancements to RMS’s existing tolling back office systems.
  4. Relocation of the existing RMS tolling infrastructure environment into a new data centre and the provision of network services for the WestConnex tolling roadside systems to the new data centres.
  5. Clean up of existing legacy supply contracts with legacy suppliers for delivery and support and maintenance.
  6. Negotiation of the Tolling Services Agreement between RMS Tolling Branch and the Sydney Motorway Corporation concession entities for Stages 1, 2 and 3 for the provision of Tolling Services.

Cica Group provides the following services to support the successful delivery of the TSUP:

  1. Provision of the Project Director for the overall TSUP.
  2. Project Management for the upgrade and modifications to the existing RMS Tolling Back Office.
  3. Business Analysts for the review of all technical aspects involved in the implementation of the Trip Reconstruction and Rating Module.
  4. Commercial management services.
  5. Systems Integration and commissioning advisory services for the whole of the TSUP project.