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M4 Smart Motorways Program

Roads and Maritime Services NSW

Cica Group is providing Project Management, Change Management and technical consulting services to RMS for the M4 Smart Motorways Program to transform the M4 Motorway through the addition of sophisticated Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) devices to better manage traffic in conjunction with sectional widening and traffic control at ramps.

Also included in the scope was the responsibility for the definition of the Operational Strategy for the $550 million 36km M4 Smart Motorway (M4SM) that addressed Operations, IT Systems, Maintenance and Asset Management processes and the HR requirements for M4SM.

The specific scope included:

  • Traffic management and control, incident management and ramp metering;
  • Video surveillance and control, spatial business intelligence, fault and asset management; and
  • Communications, power supply and Motorway Control Centre.

Cica Group also assisted RMS in the planning and execution of the User Acceptance Testing and the deployment of the new M4 Meridian Managed Motorway Systems into a live environment. The M4SM Meridian software combined with Aimsun TPS integrates all the new ITS devices necessary to provide the Smart Motorway capability, enabling incident detection, ramp metering, traffic predictions, as well providing operators with a selection of both manual and automated incident response capabilities.

As of December 2019, the software solution developed by Tyco has been successfully deployed to the production environment and the project is now moving through configuration and integration activities in readiness for a transition to operations during the first quarter of 2020.  Cica Group continue to provide transitional support to the program in order to prepare the BAU units to undertake the  effective operation of the systems.