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Transport is an energy-consuming sector that consists of all vehicles whose primary purpose is transporting people and/or goods from one physical location to another. Cica Group is widely experienced in the use of technology to improve the safety and efficiency of all modes of transport.

Transport is an energy-consuming sector that consists of infrastructure, technology and vehicles whose primary purpose is transporting people and/or goods from one physical location to another. Included are automobiles; trucks; buses; motorcycles; trains, subways, and other rail vehicles; aircraft; and ships, barges, and other waterborne vehicles.

Cica Group has diverse range of experience in addressing projects involving infrastructure, technology and vehicles associated with transport. Cica Group are facilitators for users of facilities that involve tolling systems and related services principally for road applications.

However, Cica Group also consults across many other transport sector projects outside general tolling applications.

Cica Group supported Yarra Trams through the provision of Project Management and Technical services for the Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) Replacement Project Development Phase.

Other Yarra Trams contracts have included provision of project management and technical advisory services for the competitive procurement, trial and implementation of the new Vehicle Passenger Information System (VPIS) for Yarra Trams’ veteran B Class fleet of . Based on the success of that project, Cica Group provided project management services for the implementation of the VPIS on the A, C1 and C2 class tram fleets. Cica Group also provided Project Management services to Yarra Trams for the procurement and implementation of a replacement radio dispatch system

Cica Group developed a procurement strategy for the replacement of the Melbourne Airport Long Term Car Park Buses to address expected large increases in patronage in the coming five years. This strategy reviewed current operations and maintenance and repair, and current and future costings linked to evolving alternate energy/ fuel considerations.

Cica Group provided a detailed study into the procurement of new rolling stock for Queensland Rail, involving all aspects of acquisition costs, including those related to through life support and local manufacturing capabilities.

Cica Group offers the following services for the transport sector:

  • Project Management
  • Technical Services
  • Planning, Programming and Scheduling
  • Strategic Planning
  • Commercial and Contract
  • Operational
  • Industry Development
  • Project Assurance
  • Financial Services
  • Procurement Management

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