Cica Group’s consultants have experience in procurement strategy, preparation, management and independent evaluation of competitive tender processes.


Procurement Management

Cica Group has skills and experience in all stages of the procurement lifecycle. Expert advice throughout the procurement management process will ensure clients save cost and time by bringing expert, cross-project knowledge to the table.

Cica Group’s consultants can develop a full strategy for procurement and purchasing throughout the life of your project, timing each phase to ensure the efficient spreading of costs and material and system supply as needed.

Consultants have experience working with suppliers to establish their availability and scheduling through projects. Thorough reviews of available products and services, market sounding and preparation and management of Requests for Information (RFI) on projects. The team has experience preparing and managing competitive Expression of Interest (EOI), Requests for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Tender (RFT) processes for complex projects across many industry sectors.

Many executive teams call on Cica Group to provide independent evaluation of EOI and RFT submissions, especially on complex technical solutions. Cica Group’s consultants are able to provide cross project comparisons and bring expertise from similar projects across tolling and road development industries.

Cica Group offers procurement management services in:

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Market Sounding / RFI Preparation and Management
  • Expression of Interest Preparation and Management
  • RFP/RFT Preparation and Management
  • Independent EOI / RFT Evaluation

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