Cica Group undertakes a critical role of verifying and validating software systems, checking that a product, service, or system meets requirements and fulfils its intended purpose

Stephen Bayley

Principal Consultant

Stephen Bayley is an experienced IT professional with deep insights into system design, software development and database systems developed over 40 years working in utilities, ticketing and tolling industries.

Stephen specialises in delivering independent advisory services to the tolling industry, working with project executives and project managers to support all stages of the project. He has gained extensive experience in technical evaluation, in particular, working with large scale IT systems and tolling systems. Stephen is also experienced in Procurement Support.

Delivering consulting services, Stephen has contributed to the procurement cycle through facilitating the alignment of stakeholder interests. This includes the management of tender development activities, the authoring of technical and management components and review of contributing authors.

Stephen has delivered advisory services for the past 12 years working for PJS & Associates, benefIITS consulting, and now Cica Group.

Stephen is widely known and respected for his industry experience, management skills, and professionalism in delivering high quality projects.

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