Cica Group helps clients determine the best strategic plan for procurement, contract negotiations or technical solutions.


Strategic Planning Services

Strategic planning allows a business to set objectives, analyse the competitive environment, review requirements with the internal organisation, and properly evaluate processes, making sure projects are rolled out across the organisation.

Cica Group’s expert team offers business support at all stages of the strategic planning process. It can advise on procurement strategies, negotiate with new suppliers, and support and train existing management teams to ensure smooth project delivery.

Cica Group’s directors have experience in acquisition strategy and are able to guide internal teams and offer independent advice during mergers and acquisitions. For new business development Cica Group offers services in business case preparation, with financing, procurement and establishment support.

Cica Group has the skills and experience to help clients determine the best strategy whether it be in procurement, contract negotiation or technical solutions.

Strategic planning services

Cica Group offers services in:

  • Business Support
  • Procurement Approach
  • Negotiations Strategy
  • Management Support
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Business Case Preparation