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Geoff Cawte

Principal Consultant

Geoff Cawte is a self-motivated entrepreneur with extensive experience working across a wide range of demanding industries including tolling, logistics, automotive systems, air traffic control, avionics and Formula 1 vehicle monitoring systems.

In over almost 30 years working across three countries, Geoff has gained an acute understanding of what is required to deliver complex systems to achieve successful business outcomes.

Geoff’s expertise includes working both as a consultant on behalf of clients, helping government, infrastructure and technology companies review, procure and improve their systems, as well as a supplier side consulting, responsible for tendering, development, delivery and through-life-support of complex ICT systems.

Through his experience on both sides of project delivery, Geoff has gained a deep understanding of the fine commercial and technical balance required to successfully develop complex systems to meet demanding requirements and achieve successful business outcomes.

Known for his passion, leadership, and ability to grasp complex issues quickly and communicate them in a clear, no-nonsense fashion, Geoff has successfully specified, procured, delivered or integrated numerous technology projects across a range of industries.

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