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Peter Black

Principal Consultant

Peter Black has extensive experience working in the public and private sectors in senior management roles in diverse industries including aerospace, primary aluminium smelting, shipbuilding, defence, and heavy engineering. He has successfully transitioned into management consulting roles servicing clients in both the private and public sectors.

His roles, responsibilities and tasks have involved commercial applications related to sophisticated supply chain management and business development activities aimed at dramatically improving business performance outcomes.

In recognition of his hands-on business experience and capability, Peter has been invited by government bodies at both state and federal levels to participate on committees overseeing industry development policy and implementation.

Peter has over 40 years’ experience dealing with industry and government in the development and implementation of large complex projects, and the associated performance assessments associated with such projects.

He has also presented papers at conferences on industry development and countertrade in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Peter is a passionate leader focused on addressing significant challenges and delivering best solutions for clients to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

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