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Glen Mackie

Director / CFO

Glen is a finance professional and CPA specialising in delivering large-scale complex transactional systems able to process millions of transactions per day.

Projects benefit from Glen’s experience and knowledge in revenue assurance and tolling system processing controls. Glen has worked across all of the major tolling operators and toll road owners in Australia.

Glen is an expert in system design, requirements specification, business process development and operational efficiencies. After 19 years working for CityLink and ConnectEast, Glen has been providing independent consulting advice to the major operators since 2010.

A leader in the ITS Tolling field, Glen has been involved in defining and implementing tolling solutions from both greenfield sites, such as CityLink and ConnectEast, as well as reforms and operational improvements for existing operations, including Queensland Motorways and Road and Maritime Services.

Glen is highly regarded for his ability to define cost effective and sound business solutions to meet the needs of clients and their customers. He is known for being a focused innovator, creating solutions and workarounds that mitigate risks and provide a baseline for efficient operations.

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