Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) Replacement

Yarra Trams / Public Transport Victoria

The AVM Replacement Project is for the replacement of ageing RF-based Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) fitted to the Yarra Trams fleet of 500 trams with a contemporary AVM and Real-time Passenger Information system that provides the basis for tram operations, control and communications to 2030 and beyond.

The Cica Group provided Project Management, specialist ITS technical services and advice, procurement consulting services and strategic advice for the AVM Replacement project throughout the High Value High Risk DTF process for Business Case development.

Cica Group was involved in:

  • Development of requirements including CRD and SRS
  • Development of Request for Information Package, Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Development of the Project Brief
  • Development of the transition strategy and impact statement
  • Development of radio replacement strategy and negotiation with VicTrack and ACMA
  • AVM replacement cost estimates
  • Development of Strategic Options
  • Development of Investment Logic Map, Problem Statements and Benefits
  • HVHR Gateway Reviews
  • Support of Business Case
  • Review and advise on draft contractual documents