Victorian Desalination Plant KPI Audit


Annual audit of the KPI Performance Management System for the Victorian Desalination Plant.

Watersure, the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Contractor for the Victorian
Desalination Project (VDP), engaged Collaborative ITS Consulting Australia
Pty Ltd (CICA) to undertake an on site audit of the KPI Performance Reports and KPI Data
as submitted by Watersure and provide a report on the operator’s performance.

The audit scope involved a:

Review and evaluation of the process of generating the KPI Performance Report

That there existed an approved, documented process to follow for the generation and approval of the report;

That each report was generated in accordance with the approved process;

That each report provided assurance that the Plant Management System (PMS) was complete and accurate at the time of generating the report; and

That the data in the report reconciled tot he information in the PMS

Cica undertook the audit in the manner required by the Project Documents and provided an independent report to the client with the outcomes.